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WME Awards 20'

Elevating the music industry through awe-inspiring design, the WME Awards celebrates women's accomplishments and reshapes creative boundaries.

Visual Identity Design
Social Media & Marketing Collateral
Immersive Scenography

Recognized with a Gold Award in 'Environmental Graphics' at the Latin American Design Awards, the WME Awards sets the stage for women's empowerment in music. Inspired by the iconic Gal Costa in 2019 and Alcione in 2020, the editions showcase a cohesive and impactful visual identity.


Designing a visually compelling identity that paid tribute to each artist's individuality and conveyed the power of women in music was an inspiring challenge. The design had to resonate with a diverse audience while honoring the unique stories of the honored artists.

Creating a visually powerful identity to honor artists and empower women was an inspiring challenge we embraced.

As part of the Colletivo creative team, we breathed life into the WME Awards' visual identity. Personalized illustrations symbolized the characteristics and history of each artist, capturing their essence. Carefully selected typography, colors, and design elements formed a cohesive and captivating identity that celebrated the diversity and strength of women in music.

Our vibrant design captured each artist's essence, celebrating the power of women in music.

Through our collaboration, the WME Awards became a visually stunning and empowering experience. From the comprehensive visual identity to engaging marketing materials and immersive scenography, we showcased the remarkable contributions of women in Brazilian music. The WME Awards stands as a testament to their talent and serves as a catalyst for continued empowerment.

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