Branding & Visual Identity

Torneira Bar

Crafting a visual narrative that celebrates diversity and exceptional taste, Torneira Bar's design echoes the spirit of inclusivity in every brushstroke.

Brand Identity Design
Environmental Graphics
Illustration Design

Torneira Bar blends the charm of a Brazilian street bar with a commitment to inclusivity. Through a team of trans and non-binary individuals, the bar challenges industry norms and embraces diversity. The visual identity features a contemporary typographic press concept, combining various fonts. Playful colors and handcrafted patterns add an artisanal touch. Torneira Bar invites all to enjoy exceptional craft beer in a vibrant, inclusive space.


Torneira Bar aimed to redefine the beer bar concept, celebrating diversity and appealing to a broad audience. They wanted to create an inclusive space beyond the standard demographic associated with craft beer.

We aimed to challenge stereotypes, embrace diversity through design, and transform the beer bar experience.

Torneira Bar crafted a brand identity embodying inclusivity and celebrating diversity. The typographic press concept with varied fonts reflects a contemporary approach, complemented by playful colors and handcrafted patterns. The interior design strikes a balance between street bar aesthetics and modern elements, inviting patrons to a spacious and inclusive space.

Our design solution celebrates diversity, infusing inclusivity into every detail and creating an extraordinary craft beer bar experience.

Torneira Bar showcases the transformative power of design, fostering inclusivity in the beer bar landscape. Through their visual identity and interior design, the bar invites individuals to come together, celebrating diversity over exceptional craft beers. Torneira Bar embodies the principles of good design, innovating and creating a lasting impact with every detail.

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