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Sonos.Press 23'

Enduring simplicity and empowering sound define Sonos. We brought their new Era range to life, embracing beauty, quality, and design.

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In an exciting collaboration, Jam3 partnered with Sonos, the trailblazer in home audio, for the highly anticipated Sonos.press 2023 launch. Our goal was to create a captivating website and media kit for the groundbreaking Era range of wireless speakers. Focusing on simplicity, immersive sound, and exceptional design, we propelled Sonos into a new era of innovation.


Developing the website posed unique challenges: harmonizing aesthetics with technical feasibility, designing an intuitive interface for content-rich pages, and visually conveying the future of spatial audio. Explaining the intricacies of sound in 2D visuals required careful thought and creativity.

Simplifying the intangible: visualizing the magic of spatial audio.

Through meticulous design, we crafted a stunning and user-friendly website. Fluid navigation and a horizontal bottom menu provided easy access to features. The use of Aktiv Grotesk typeface, line illustrations, and a seasonal color palette unified the visuals, creating a captivating experience for visitors.

Sonic triumph: unleashing spatial audio's mesmerizing power.

Sonos.press successfully launched the Era range globally, ushering in a new era of innovation. The website showcased the products' bold aesthetics, seamless user experience, and Sonos' commitment to simplicity. Through careful design choices, we created an engaging online presence that left a lasting impression.

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Sonos.Press 23'

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