Design System

Havas IDVerse

Empowering healthcare with a symbiotic language of safety, Havas IDVerse revolutionizes patient care through universal identification, transcending communication barriers.

Symbolic Mastery
Intuitive Categorization
Seamless Integration

In a world where medical mishaps claim 26 lives per hour in Brazil and leave 2.6 million souls lost annually worldwide, Havas IDVerse emerges as a beacon of hope. This groundbreaking system champions expressive symbols, fostering clarity, and connection across diverse surfaces. With unwavering dedication, it addresses the pressing need for a universal identification system that safeguards lives, elevates healthcare standards, and instills confidence in practitioners and patients alike.


Navigating the complexities of healthcare demanded a visionary approach. Havas IDVerse faced the challenge of designing symbols that transcended aesthetics, forging a language that spoke to functionality, cognitive connections, and high-pressure situations.

In the quest for a universal identification system, we strived to give shape to functionality, weaving a tapestry of symbols that resonate with life's critical moments.

Havas IDVerse's solution emerged through a meticulous process of identifying similarities among adversities, categorizing them, and weaving a rich tapestry of symbols. By combining geometric forms with purposeful lines, it created a visual language that conveys medical conditions, risks, and vital information with clarity and depth.

Our symbol family unites the tangible and intangible, fusing design with purpose, and empowering healthcare professionals to decipher life's intricate codes.

Havas IDVerse stands as a testament to the power of symbology, igniting a paradigm shift in healthcare. By improving communication, elevating decision-making, and enhancing patient safety, it ushers in an era of holistic care and transforms the landscape of medicine. Embrace the universal language of Havas IDVerse and embark on a journey where lives are protected, connections are fortified, and the power of symbols saves the day.

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