Package Design

Colorado 'Brasil com S'

A sensory voyage with Colorado Brewery's 'Brasil com S' line, where flavors of Brazilian biodiversity and cultural heritage intertwine in every sip.

Artistic Label Design
Masterful Color Curation
Collaborative Vision

Colorado Brewery's "Brasil com S" line is a testament to the brand's unwavering connection to Brazil's rich biodiversity. Each month unveils a tantalizing new beer, encapsulating the essence of the country through meticulously crafted labels, blending artistry and flavor into a truly extraordinary experience.


The challenge was to create labels that not only reflected the brand's values and celebrated Brazilian biodiversity but also conveyed the story behind each beer flavor. Translating the essence of the Brazilian countryside and its unusual ingredients into visually appealing designs required careful consideration and artistic craftsmanship.

Transcending design boundaries to manifest the spirit of Brazil's biodiversity and beer craftsmanship.

Through meticulous artistry and a keen eye for detail, we guided the fusion of color palettes and layout, expertly curating labels that serve as windows into Brazil's kaleidoscope of flavors. The handcrafted illustrations and letterings pay homage to the Brazilian countryside's captivating diversity, encapsulating the essence of the land and its extraordinary ingredients.

Unleashing a symphony of art and flavor, our labels become gateways to Brazil's enchanting beer experience.

The 'Brasil com S' line by Colorado Brewery invites consumers on a journey of exploration and discovery, showcasing the richness of Brazilian flavors and the cultural heritage behind each beer. With their handcrafted labels, the beers become more than a beverage; they are an embodiment of Brazil, its biodiversity, and the dedicated micro-producers who contribute to these extraordinary flavors.

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