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Textos Putos: Vol II

A graphic symphony of desire, pushing the boundaries of erotic expression with an exquisite Illustrated journey. - Visual extravaganza.

Fearless Exploration
Artistic Provocation
Empowering Layouts

Prepare to be liberated. Textos Putos fearlessly challenges conventions, breaking free from societal shackles to redefine pornography. With the daring +18 and the audacious masterpiece "Why is it so good to cum?", it unleashes a revolution that empowers women and reshapes the landscape of sexual expression.


Textos Putos confronts the deep-rooted taboos that restrict open conversations around sexuality, challenging society to embrace the power of individual expression and liberate desires from the shadows.

In a world hungry for authentic representation, we dare to create a visual revolution that celebrates the unfiltered beauty of human desire.

Through its stunning illustrations and immersive storytelling, Textos Putos offers a transformative solution, providing a platform for unapologetic exploration and a safe space for individuals to connect with their deepest desires and fantasies.

In every stroke of the illustrations, we unlock the power of liberation, inviting readers to embrace their authentic selves and celebrate the richness of their erotic experiences.

Textos Putos stands as a testament to the artistic power of illustration in capturing the essence of desire and liberation. This remarkable book invites readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery, challenging societal taboos and embracing the full spectrum of human sexuality. With its visual allure and unapologetic approach, Textos Putos inspires a new era of openness, acceptance, and empowerment, where the beauty of erotic expression knows no bounds.

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