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O Doce Veneno do Escorpião

Transforming interesting and sensitive narratives like the diary of a prostitute, with refined approaches and captivating aesthetics.

Book Design & Layout
Graphic Printing
Illustration & Identity

With a passion for transforming visual experiences into compelling narratives, a significant accomplishment in my portfolio was this meticulous redesign of "O Doce Veneno do Escorpião: The Diary of a Prostitute," where new life was breathed into its pages, creating a professional and captivating aesthetic that transcended stereotypes and resonated with readers.


The original edition of 'O Doce Veneno do Escorpião' lacked a polished and captivating appearance, failing to convey the depth and sensitivity of its narrative. The challenge was to redefine its visual identity, creating a design that would reflect the book's essence and attract a wider audience.

Transcending the limitations of the original design and moving away from the clichés, reinventing it with sophistication and visual abstraction.

Through a meticulous design process, I undertook a comprehensive redesign of the book. The result was a refined graphic print with attention to detail, including a captivating matte cover and carefully selected typography. The new design exuded sensuality while maintaining a professional and sophisticated aesthetic, aligning with the book's content and engaging readers on multiple levels.

Revitalizing the book's appearance, fusing allure and sophistication, and captivating readers with a refined visual experience.

The transformation of 'O Doce Veneno do Escorpião' achieved its objective of creating a visually stunning and professional representation of its narrative. The redesign exemplifies the power of design to transcend preconceived notions, inviting readers to delve into a thought-provoking and visually captivating journey.

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