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Adobe 'There's More to Your Story'

A creator-led tour through the trending corners of the rich social landscape.

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To inspire a new audience of video creators to level up their stories with Premiere Pro, Jam3's strategy and creative team created a complete campaign ecosystem, design system, art direction, and episodic video series. It’s made for and inspired by trend-setting social creators around the world – and co-created with some of social’s biggest stars.


The challenge is to celebrate and promote video creators authentically, positioning Adobe Premiere Pro as the ultimate storytelling tool. Balancing brand messaging with cultural sensitivity creates a meaningful and relatable campaign experience.

Our challenge is to authentically celebrate video creators while establishing Adobe Premiere Pro as the storytelling tool of choice.

There's More to Your Story embraces shades of purple as the primary colors, reflecting Adobe Premiere Pro's brand, while utilizing secondary colors to represent each Social Video Creator. Consistent use of these colors in wardrobe, backgrounds, and footage creates a cohesive visual experience, emphasizing the integration of design and storytelling.

Our solution celebrates authenticity, amplifying video creators' stories through personalized films, amazing visuals, and reinforcing the power of Adobe Premiere Pro.

The strategic use of colors, with shades of purple as the primary palette and secondary colors representing individual creators, enhances the visual identity of TMTYS. By incorporating these colors consistently with the lockups, strong typography, and stickers, from wardrobe to backgrounds, the campaign establishes a strong connection between design and storytelling. The vibrant color scheme ensures brand linkage and creates a visually captivating experience for both creators and audiences.

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